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PyCosmic is a tool to detect and clean single images from the disturbing cosmic ray hits specifically for fiber-fed spectrograph CCD images. The software was designed and tested for the data of PMAS and VIMOS fibre-fed integral-field spectrographs. The program has also been used on other data including classical long-slit observations. The current version is written in Python and can be executed from the command-line or included in Python scripts.

QDeblend3D is a Graphical User Interface for integral field spectroscopic data with the specific aim to deblend the emission from an unobscured AGN and its underlying host galaxy. The algorithm uses the fact that the broad-line region of an AGN is appearing as a point-like source given its compact size <1pc. Thus, a point-spread function PSF can be easily computed and used to deblend point-like and extended emission. The GUI is well suited for this task allowing to directly inspect the data and  define spectral windows to map the broad lines intensity on the fly.