Curriculum Vitae

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  • The physics of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and AGN feedback
  • Gas outflows from star-forming galaxies and AGN on pc to kpc scales
  • The evolution of black hole and host galaxy correlations with redshift
  • High-z galaxies observations with JWST
  • Interacting galaxies and dual AGN across redshifts
  • Integral-field spectroscopy surveys of galaxies


10/2016-current PostDoc at MPIA
10/2013-09/2016 Fellow at ESO
11/2011-09/2013 PostDoc at AIP
05/2007-10/2011 PhD student at AIP



PhD in Physics (Advisor: Prof. Lutz Wisotzki)
"The AGN-host galaxy connection: New insights from the extended ionized gas"
Diploma (or Master) in Physics (Advisor: Prof. Lutz Wisotzki)
"Integral Field Spectroscopy of Low Redshift Quasars"
Visiting exchange undergraduate student in Physcis